The Queen Bey was doing a concert in France the other night and decided to go a little crazy. She did an extended medley of cover songs just for fun. Beyonce whipped it up starting with Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." She and her backup singers should have rehearsed a little more because not only did they sing the wrong notes, but they flubbed the lines too. I mean bad. Of course you can blame some of this on the fan shot video with poor sound quality, but normally even a bad cell phone vid can't bring Bey down. This time it was all her and her girls. Next she hit Prince's "The Beautiful Ones" and even though it was better, I don't think the audience recognized it so they kind of didn't care. Finally they went after the Kings Of Leon's "Sex On Fire." It was ok. See the fiasco for yourself.


Now to make it better for you, I've included the originals. Except the Prince song.

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