Cory and Shawn are back together!

Rider Strong (aka everyone's favorite '90s bad boy, Shawn Hunter) is joining the Matthews gang -- just like old times! -- on the Dec. 5 episode of 'Girl Meets World.' We'll pause for a moment to let you collect yourself.

Fortunately for us, E! News has a special sneak peek of 'Girl Meets Home for the Holidays,' the upcoming holiday episode. (Watch it here!) In the all-too-short, 42-second clip, Shawn and Cory are back to their old shenanigans, with Cory trying to convince Shawn to move back to the Big Apple as the two break out into a whole song-and-dance number. Way to keep the bromance alive, guys!

The holiday episode will also feature appearances by Cory's parents, Alan (William Russ) and Amy (Betsy Randle). You can check out pics of the Matthews clan -- including Danielle Fishel's Topanga, obviously -- back together here. Needless to say, we're going a little bit cray.

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