While Ariana Grande undoubtedly had an epic night performing at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, she also happened to make the most priceless face in all of creation after she was accidentally smacked by a model's angel wings.

The 'Problem' singer was performing alongside model Elsa Hosk, who strutted her stuff down the runway in such a confident manner that she accidentally whacked Ariana with one of those giant angel wings of hers. Ari immediately ducked and made the most frightened-yet-hilarious face we've pretty much ever seen (check out the LOL-worthy picture below). Of course, just about the only thing better than the pop star's facial expression was her subsequent tweet, which totally filled our quota for #besthashtagever:

And the funniest thing about the whole situation was that Ari clearly had a 'Problem' (ha) with those angel wings all night, nearly decapitating herself earlier in rehearsal:

We know there's an 'It's a Wonderful Life' joke in here somewhere. Every time Ariana Grande makes a cray cray face, an angel gets its wings? Or vice-versa.

Peep the amazing pic below!

Ariana Grande
Samir Hussein, Getty Images

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