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On Thursday, December 23rd, the defense for Bart Reagor asked for permission to file more arguments in an attempt to toss out his conviction.

The former co-owner of the Reagor-Dykes Auto Group was found guilty in October of 2017 of making a false statement to a bank. Reagor was said to have transferred $1.7 million from a $10 million company loan from IBC Bank into his own personal account. Reagor argued there was nothing wrong with this, but prosecutors said otherwise.

Prosecutors presented an email from Reagor to Rick Dykes and Shane Smith where Reagor said:

How we are going to handle this capital is 100,000,000 percent confidential between us and is not anyone else’s business. Nobody’s. No bankers or anyone else. Our business. Game on.

Prosecutors claimed that this email was the strongest evidence that Reagor knew he was doing something wrong, since "Reagor made it unmistakably clear that his plan was not to be disclosed to anyone."

However, Reagor's defense team wants the jury verdict to be thrown out, arguing that Reagor had to knowingly do something wrong, and that the email was not sufficient evidence. KAMC News reports that Reagor's attorney, Dan Cogdell, said:

If anything, the email shows that he thought these were encompassed in his understanding of the term because the title of his email was ‘HANDLING CAPITAL,’ thus showing that he thought such distributions were part of ‘working capital.’

Reagor's sentencing date remains February 24th, 2022. He faces a maximum of 30 years in prison.

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