There's currently a petition going around asking President Trump to legalize throwing tortillas at Texas Tech football games. While he doesn't have anything to do with Texas Tech football, we do. So, is it a tradition? Or is it just trash that needs to go?

First, let's just ignore the petition for a number of reasons.

  1. The President of the United States doesn't make the rules for Texas Tech football games.
  2. The petition is from February, so it's an old petition to begin with.
  3. The fact that it's from February and still hasn't even gotten the 7,500 signatures it's asking for means it won't get all the signatures it needs (and 7,500 signatures isn't a lot for these online petitions)
  4. These petitions don't have any legal standing and often don't have any effect on what they're attempting to petition. So forget the petition exists.

Currently, this question is dividing Lubbock more than any other. Is throwing tortillas at Texas Tech games a tradition that should be allowed, or is it just adding trash to the field and wasting time of a football game?

Coach Kingsbury is all for it, as are many alumni of Texas Tech. And there are journalists and other alumni who are clearly against it. So where do you stand on flying tortillas?

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