It will be a little more expensive to go out to the lake for a day of sun and fun.

The Lubbock County Water Control and Improvement board approved the fee increases back in January. They say the hike is needed in order to make much-needed improvements to the area. The price change is now in effect.

Those going out to Buffalo Springs Lake should expect to pay $10 for adults (instead of $8), kids 6-11 will be $5 (instead of $3), and seniors and active military is up to $5 from $2

One of the bigger projects is a new admissions gate, as well as improving current boating docks for those who like to play on the water. Over the last few years, they have made some significant improvements, but according to board members, more are needed.

Will this price hike keep you from going to the lake? I’ll still go. It's a fun time on the weekend. Let us know what you think of the price increase in the comments.


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