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An underrated part of Lubbock that more people need to be aware of is its art scene. There are so many amazing artists in the Hub City and they tend to go unnoticed outside of the First Friday Art Trail.

If you're an artistic person or just love appreciating art, then you'll be amazed by this house. It's so full of creativity, color and art that I'm shocked it isn't its own exhibit.

The home is currently for sale for $1,349,000 and is located off 119th Street. Keep scrolling to take a look inside this incredible artsy home located in Lubbock, Texas.

47 Photos of an Incredible Artsy Lubbock Home

This Lubbock home could be its own art exhibit with all of its amazingly artistic features.

40 Photos of a Stunning Mediterranean Mansion in Lubbock, Texas

Take a look inside this incredible Lubbock home located at 4602 111th Street.

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