The posthumous release of Amy Winehouse's "Lioness: Hidden Treasures" as been released. I was looking over the tracklisting to see exactly how many of the songs on the new cd are really new. All but one of them looks to be completely new with the exception of "Tears Dry On Their Own". The only reason it's on there is because it's the original version. Otherwise this is a straight up jazz and blues album. I guess if you like Amy no matter what, you'll like this. If, however you werelooking for another hit to come from the singer you won't find it here.

"A Song For You"

"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"

"Wake Up Alone"

"Valerie ('68 Version)"

"The Girl From Ipanema"

"Tears Dry (Original Version)"

"Our Day Will Come"

"Like Smoke" feat. Nas

"Half Time"

"Body And soul" feat. Tony Bennett

"Best Friends Right"

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