We have all seen the boring safety videos while waiting like cattle to be shipped to wherever for whatever. Ususally made in the 1980's and horrible the videos explain what to do in case of a crash. The way I see it, if your at 30,000 feet and headed toward the earth at 1500 mph there is not a lot you can do but pray. But apparently sticking your head between you legs will not only allow you to kiss your own ass goodbye, but it somehow may save your life.

Air New Zealand has brought and end to the boring in flight safety film.    And the theme of it is, of course, "The Hobbit". It was apparently produced in part by the same company that did the special effects for the "Lord of the Rings" movies but without the 1 billion dollar budget.

There is a small surprise for you at the end, Peter Jackson and Gollum both make cameos that last about 2 seconds each.

Check it out:

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