It's not a new concept to hear about a best-selling novel being made into a movie. Check out 2012's list of movies based of your favorite books.

Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn part 2: Bella has given birth to her daughter, Renesmee, but when the Volturi discover the forbidden child, the Cullens must take action and enlist the help from other vampire clans around the world to protect the child. The last movie ended with Bella finally turning and the anticipation for Part 2 will be to see all the ways director Bill Condon has interpreted her change from human to vampire. This movie is the last in the Twilight Saga written by Stephanie Meyer.







2. The Hobbit: The story that started it all for The Lord of the Rings! There have been rumors of this movie being in the making for years and finally it will open in 2012. Here, we get to see the story of Frodo Bagins' relative, Bilbo. The Hobbit is written by J.R. Tolkein.





3. The Hunger Games: Most of you have probably already enjoyed this awesome flick, but did you know it is based of the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy written by Suzanne Collins? Obviously, that means you get to look forward to at least two more great movies, but they got it started this year in 2012.




4. The Vow: The Vow is another romance hit-flick for the ladies. Paige, the lead lady, and her husband, Leo, are in a terrible car accident. Paige wakes up with sever memory loss and the movie is about Leo desperately trying to help her remember their love and win her over again. Naturally, only a tear-jerker like this could have been written by none other than Nicholas Sparks.




5. What to Expect When You're Expecting: Okay so this one doesn't follow the story of the book because if you've ever read even two sentence from the book, you know it's more of an instructional guidance from start to finish, but movie makers took inspiration for this flick and named it appropriately after it. It's about five different couples learning what to expect from parenthood and ultimately realize that no matter what you plan, there is no expecting it all!