"White leather to the knee, we in the tropics," Action Bronson raps on 'The Rockers,' a track off his 'SAAAB Stories' EP. The rapper takes his words to heart in his latest visit to New Zealand for 'Adventure Time.'

During his trip down under, the Queens, N.Y., native and professional chef takes fans to Auckland's Hauraki Gulf to nosh on local meats. Then, in part one of the episode, the hilarious lyricist takes a dive off a boat, in what he dubs a "perfect 10" jump. Afterwards, the 320-pound rhymer speeds away on a smaller boat and goes swimming again.

The MC also smokes on a G Pen, carves up some pork belly and attempts to get a tan so he can look like a “mothaf---in' roasted chicken from Roosevelt Ave" on his trip. He even serves as the captain of the ship, steering over the water. There's no doubt the 30-year-old will have plenty of lyrics to share on future songs as a result of this experience.

Action Bronson is currently on tour to support his 'Blue Chips 2' mixtape. He'll hit the stage at SXSW in Austin, Texas next month.

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