Every time the Powerball or Texas Lotto get over 300 million I buy a ticket. Just one. I know I have a 1 and 900 Quintilian chance of winning. But if you don't try you can't win right?

Just like me, a guy in Illinois named Giuseppe Anelli did NOT win the Powerball jackpot on Wednesday night.  But you wiil not believe this.

around 75 days ago, Giuseppe bought a lottery ticket for a July 4th drawing, then forgot about it until last month, he was digging through his glove box and found it.

He took the ticket into a gas station, scanned it on the lottery machine, and a message popped up that said, "File a Claim."

So he went home, checked the numbers for July 4th and realized he'd won a Million Dollars!

Giuseppe says he and his wife plan to use the winnings to pay off their house and set up a college fund for their three kids.


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