Ok...everyone loves a possibility of winning the big jackpot, but every time it's mentioned on the news or in conversations with friends that old pesky "odds of winning" topic comes up.  I think we all know it's an extreme longshot to win any lottery like the  Power Ball or Mega Millions that covers the entire United States of America. This is why sometimes I'll just play the Texas Lotto thinking my odds are better, but still it's a longshot. However, somebody has to win -why not you?! Well, to put things in perspective the sports betting site Bookies.com broke down the odds as compared to events/accomplishments real life.  I don't know if this is depressing or just eye-opening. However, us positive dreamers are now quoting Lloyd Christmas from "Dumb and Dumber" - "So you're saying there's a chance..."

Odds In Real Life vs Mega Millions
You Being Born – 400 quadrillion to 1
Winning Powerball & Mega Millions – 75.6 quadrillion to 1
Perfect NCAA Bracket – 120.1 billion to 1
Having Sextuplets – 3.939 billion to 1
Winning Mega Millions – 302,575,350 to 1
Winning Powerball – 292,201,338 to 1
Eaten by a Shark – 264 million to 1
Struck by Lightning Twice – 19 million to 1
Becoming President (US) – 32.6 million to 1
Dying in a Plane Crash – 11 million to 1
Becoming an Astronaut – 7.697 million to 1
Attacked by a Shark – 5 million to 1
Grizzly Bear Attack (Yellowstone) – 2.7 million to 1
Flipping Heads 20 Straight Times – 1.04 million to 1
Struck by Lightning – 960,000 to 1
Winning an Olympic Medal – 662,000 to 1
Blackjack 3 Times in a Row – 22,722 to 1
Flopping a Royal Flush – 19,600 to 1
A Hole in One – 12,500 to 1
A 4-Leaf Clover – 10,000 to 1

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