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As a Texas Tech alumna, it is always funny seeing TikToks about the university. There's even the hashtag 'TechTok' on the app that's full of all sorts of funny videos.

When searching up Texas Tech on TikTok you will typically come across a lot of dancing sorority girls and occasionally Raider Red goofing off around campus. There are also a lot of people making memes about the university or talking about all of the different college stereotypes.

I looked through TikTok and found seven videos that I think almost every current or former Tech student will relate to -- whether it has to do with nightlife, sports or student life.

Starting off with a great take on an older TikTok trend. This video meshes all the stereotypes and inside jokes that a Red Raider could hope for.

Warning: Some of these videos contain NSFW language

This one perfectly represents the attitudes of many students when the pandemic started last year. There were a shocking amount of people still partying and not social distancing. As this video mentions, they were mostly those in Greek life.

This girl’s warning to those looking for an ‘indie boy’ at Tech is hilarious. Her stereotypes of ‘Connor’ and ‘Garrett’ are spot on. I had far too many classmates that would fit those exact descriptions.

One of the biggest upsets for most Texas Tech students is our sports failures. Red Raiders will take it personally and sometimes the losses just hurt too much to discuss.

Lastly, the nightlife TikToks are some of my favorites. I have never been one to go out to bars very often, but I have some friends that do. These videos line up very well with a lot of the stories I have heard over the years.

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