There's still a couple weeks left before Christmas, and an ornament that uniquely says "home" might be the perfect option for an elegant gift or a lovely addition to your family's Christmas tree.


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    Personalized Texas Ornament from TomisTreasures


    Handmade and made to order out of aluminum, "this Texas ornament is the perfect keepsake for someone who loves Texas or is a recent transplant."

    via TomisTreasures on Etsy
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    Men's Dress Shirt Ornaments from ChristinaKuehler

    $20 & up, depending on number of ornaments

    Starting at $20 for a set of two, these cute, quilt-like ornaments are made from men's dress shirts -- very Texan, indeed.

    via ChristinaKueler on Etsy
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    Painted Floral Texas Ornaments from CommonGoodsGallery

    $12 for a set of 4

    Straight from San Antonio, these flour-based ornaments are hand-painted. Despite being hand-baked, they are NOT edible.

    via CommonGoodsGallery on Etsy
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    Wine Cork Ornament from DesertCoastalStudios


    Texas is home to many incredible wineries (Pheasant Winery and Llano Estacado to name just a couple), so a Texas wine cork  ornament is not only cute, but completely appropriate.

    via DesertCoastalStudios on Etsy
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    Geode Slice Ornament from Dock6PotteryandTile


    A lovely, unique ornament, and you get to choose from a long list of colors to correspond to whatever you like: your favorite sports team, the color theme of your tree, etc.

    via Dock6PotteryandTile on Etsy

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