Last week I polled my friends about which businesses they want to see open in Lubbock. I heard your feedback and added five more businesses the Hub City is clamoring for.


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    Half Price Books

    If you've ever been in a Half Price Books, you know why Lubbock needs one. It's a wonderful way to spend an afternoon learning and exploring.

    Half Price Books is not only books, but music, comics, magazines, and a coffee shop, too. And with the death of Hastings, there is going to be a huge culture gap left in Lubbock. Hopefully, Half Price Books will swoop in to help fill it.

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    Kerbey Lane Cafe

    With six Austin locations and one in Round Rock, it's time for Kerbey Lane Cafe to spread further in Texas, and why not Lubbock as a test market?

    Kerbey Lane is a delightful diner featuring healthful (and decadent) food sourced as locally as possible. The coffee is phenomenal, the pancakes are to die for and I could probably eat there everyday for a year without getting sick of it.

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    A Free-Standing Sephora

    We are lucky to have not only an Ulta, but also a mini-Sephora in the mall. But the people of Lubbock have spoken: We want -- nay, need -- a full-sized, free-standing Sephora.

    The last time I visited Las Vegas, the first two places I went were Sephora and the Bettie Page store. A girl has to have priorities. And while the employees at our Sephora are champs, it's a busy and very small area, which somewhat negates the appeal of going to a makeup boutique: Getting feedback from a professional. Also, we need all the options, ever.

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    A Ramen Restaurant

    I'm not talking no Cup-O-Noodles. I'm talking legit, delicious, savory ramen. I love Pho and I'm grateful to have it in Lubbock, but it's Vietnamese and has a different flavor profile, usually "lighter" than Japanese ramen.

    Real Ramen is such a stick-to-your-ribs treat that I always order it when I'm in a town where I can get it.

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    Del Taco

    Let's get this clear: Taco Villa will always be my no. 1. The quality is really unmatched in comparison to quick-serve Tex-Mex restaurants. But Del Taco is magic.

    It reminds me of Southern California, where some of my aunts and uncles had their first jobs. I love getting krinkle cut fries with my eight-layer burrito because this is 'Murica. And i could drink a bucket of Del Scorcho Sauce (although I'd maybe die of heartburn).

    Molly Sims knows what's up! via Carlo Allegri, Getty images

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