So it's that time of year when everyone is getting the sniffles and if you grew up like I did, latino, in Texas then you know it's not entirely germs but other forces at work.

Now for those of you that know what it's like then you know that your mama or abuelita would scold you for doing anything that would, probably, get you sick. We would act like we didn't care and that we were on top of the world until those warnings became reality and we became sick. That's when the "te dije!" and "por no hacerme caso!" would come flying out of our beloved mothers mouths and hit us right in the head like a word chancla. No, I was never actually hit with a chancla growing up, that's a stereotype...sometimes.

After the initial scolding is when all the cariño (care) and love come out to take care of you. Sometimes that care went above and beyond to make you feel extra special about being sick but sometimes they were just weird remedies. We will forgive those weird remedies though and look at what initially got you sick in the first place. Some of these reasons could be your own fault, the fault of the powers that be, and sometimes someone else's fault.

All in all though we love those that took care of us growing up when we were sick, whether it was your parents, grandparents, tios or tias, and give thanks for the knowledge they passed onto us. For those of us that are older how many of these do you say to other younger people and in general?


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    Wet Hair

    Wet hair is one of those things that many people will tend to walk outside in the dead of Winter and forget about. You know that if you ever walked outside with wet hair your latina mom would yell at you and warn you that you will be getting sick for going outside. She was more than likely right.

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    Bare Feet

    Walking in the house with bare feet is a big no in a latino household. Especially if the floor is not carpet but just a plain floor. This will cause you to get sick, according to all the latina moms out there.

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    El Aire

    El aire translates to air and that can be from a variety of places. Like going outside with an open jacket, not putting a scarf on, not having any socks on with your shoes while it's cold out, or even just slightly being exposed to cold air. It's all about 'el aire' and it would make you sick.

  • Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash
    Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash


    Ojo means the evil eye and someone has wished ill will upon you. This in turn can make you sick unless your abuela or mom 'sabe curar' then you are fine. There is the saying "sana sana colita de rana" but honestly just rub an egg on it and take some cough medicine.

  • Photo by Leohoho on Unsplash
    Photo by Leohoho on Unsplash


    A lack of vitamins is said to cause illness, which honestly sounds the most factual. Some abuelas or moms will say "le falta vitaminas" when you fall sick and I believe it!

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