Lubbock is known for its lively music, great art scene, and food but now some restaurants are taking it to the extreme. Lubbock's Wing Shack has their Hotter Than Hell Challenge but due to my weak stomach it's something I'm not likely to try so I settled for something tamer, almost. Westside Pizza hosts their Death by Pizza challenge where they serve up an 18 inch pizza covered with 10 toppings in an hour and it sounds easy so I decided to give it a try.


So I took on the challenge and had a game plan that I actually threw out the window so if I were to ever do it again I would for take a nibble of every slice to start. It makes sense that taking a bite out of the tips and placing them back in formation would make it seem like you've accomplished more. Now I took big bites and got the plan to use ranch dressing on my crust so it would have some flavor and I would want to eat it at the end but that did not work.

Hydration is key

You are allowed to get a drink during this challenge so you don't choke on the pizza which is a good idea. You pick between soda, juices, and water from the fridge to which I chose lemonade and had a wicked idea after watching competitive eaters on YouTube. If you think this is going to take a weird turn then you are right because halfway through I got the courage to soak my crust in my cup of lemonade. Don't judge me, it was actually good. This seems to be a well known thing when watching competitive hot dog eating contests as it allows for the buns to dissolve and it worked on the crusts.

Best for Last

If you've been keeping up then you know the only part left is the middle of the slices of pizza and those are the parts that are the most filling. This is because of the 10 toppings which are tasty but will fill you up as they make up the weight of the pizza. If I could go back in time and coach myself I would scrape off the cheese and toppings then soak the bread in my lemonade. This means saving the toppings and cheese for last which you do have to eat for it to count towards winning. I am also not a fan of olives so I took them off and placed in a cup of ranch to take as a shot at the end.

So if I could go back in time I would for sure follow my game plan that I had set up. Some people did think I would get sick from eating so much pizza and the truth is hard but will set me free. Yes too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing and does include the tasty pizza from Westside Pizza. Are there any other food challenges in Lubbock or should I try the Hotter Than Hell Wing Challenge from the Wing Shack? Let us know!

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