Fall Out Boy will drop their new album 'Save Rock and Roll' in just under two weeks, so what better way to herald the arrival of the new album than with a 2 Chainz remix of the first single?

The rapper dropped a verse on the band's "comeback" song 'My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)' when he performed with the band at the NBA All-Star Weekend back in February. Now we can hear it in recorded form.

The song lends itself to a hip-hop interpretation and Chainz toughens up the song's already tense tone with his robust and confident rhymes. It's already a scorcher but having 2 Chainz do his things set this whole thing ablaze. This version has more synths, blips and beeps and more studio treatment on the vocals, but the spirit of the original is still in tact.

The collaboration came about after FOB played the the song and talked about the idea over dinner. Shortly after 2 Chainz posted a pic with a caption that said something like ‘Fall Out Boy featuring 2 Chainz.’ Then fans went crazy. Pete Wentz said: "Kids were like, ‘That’s not real.’ The stuff we were doing was so crazy, it was like disbelief."

FOB are no strangers to hip-hop guests on their songs, with our favorite being the time that Jay-Z dropped a few bars on 'Thriller.'

Listen to 2 Chainz Remix of Fall Out Boy's 'My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark'

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