The days are getting longer and the heat is definitely rising. Summer is here and it's starting to get harder to find ways to beat the heat. Applebee's feels your frustration which is why their Neighborhood Drink of the Month is perfect for those balmy summer nights.

This month's drink, the Malibu Dollarmama, screams summer! Served in a 10-ounce mug filled with white rum, Malibu Coconut Rum, Tropicana orange juice, and Dole pineapple juice, the Malibu Dollarmama is a great way to bring the tropical vacation to you. The Dollarmama is tropical and budget friendly, for when you're like me; bougie, but on a budget.

Every month Applebee's delivers their one dollar Neighborhood drink of the Month, and say what you want about them but they're pretty good. Because they're just a humble dollar, I don't think anybody expects top shelf booze and freshly squeezed juice. If you like a tasty drink and are on a budget, this is perfect. Remember, just because they're a dollar doesn't mean you should go overboard, please drink responsibly.


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