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More Businesses Coming to Lubbock Soon?
So not much is known about Bobalicious other than it appears to be a franchised location. If it is there are locations in California, New Mexico and in San Antonio.
They will be featuring Bubble Tea and other iced drinks...
Remember When Lubbock had a Swensen’s?
Ok, if you grew up in Lubbock during the 1980’s like me, then you probably made more than one trip to Swensen’s Ice Cream for Lunch, Dinner or Dessert.
For me and my brothers, it was a HUGE treat to be able to go there and have Ice Cream...
What Happens When You Mix Beer and Woodwork?
Well, you get Board & Brush! This new Lubbock location that sits at 5905 82nd Street offers something unique for the creative person in your life.
According to their website
“At Board & Brush Creative Studio, our goal is to turn you into a ‘woodworking master’ by enc…

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