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What Is Texas’ Uniquely Favorite Thanksgiving Side?
Google recently released data on the most uniquely searched Thanksgiving side dishes by state. Basically this means that side dishes that were universally popular (like mashed potatoes) were eliminated as any state's favorite and that what is left is the uniquely favorite of each state...
Hungry Howie’s Pizza to Open Soon in Southwest Lubbock
Southwest Lubbock will soon have another pizza option. Hungry Howie's Pizza is set to open at 7717 Milwaukee Avenue, according to the Hungry Howie's Pizza website.
Hungry Howie's is different from other pizza options by offering free flavored crust options, allowing customer to &qu…
Is Lubbock A Good Place To Be Single?
If you're single and happy in Lubbock that's great, but what if you're looking for a partner? Is Lubbock a good place to find "the one"?