How many of us have been in a relationship and always in the back of our minds we are thinking, "Are they the one?," or "Is this really gonna last?" Well if your asking yourself those kind of questions then it should be obvious to you that the answer is probably no. No, it's not gonna last and they are not the one.

When you're dating the wrong person, the signs are usually pretty obvious.  But that doesn't mean you'll see them.  Some people get so wrapped up in the relationship that they don't notice the red flags.  Here are five of the most obvious ones to look out for according to eHarmony.

1) You Don't Feel Like You Can Be Yourself. If it's hard for you to relax or really let it all hang out in front of them I'm sorry but no....

2)They Make You Feel Emotionally Exhausted. Your bf/gf whatever should relieve stress in your life not cause you to stress you out. If your relationship is "work work work" then you need to "bail bail bail"!

3)  You Don't Want Them to Meet Your Friends. This one is usually due to the fact that you know your friends won't like them or your friends won't like the way you act around when your with them. And everyone knows that if your friends don't like the person you're dating, you pretty much have to break it off.

4) You Don't Have Much in Common.  It's true that opposites sometimes attract.  But that doesn't mean opposites make a good couple.  If you don't share any interests, you're pretty much doomed.

5) You're More Insecure Than You Used To Be.  You'll always have certain insecurities.  But if you're with the right person, you should start feeling more secure. If that is not happening then maybe that person is dominating the relationship and bringing you down...

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