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No matter what holiday it is, sparklers are something everyone enjoys. Light them up for New Year’s Eve, 4th of July, Christmas, or any other occasion, and add a fun vibe as well as some great photo opportunities.

Whenever you think of sparklers you envision a rectangular box, often colored red, white, or blue. Inside that box you find the sparkler, a thin piece of metal coated in the grey looking fuel that you light with a flame to create the well loved sparkle.

You probably light it from the tip of it, holding it by the expose metal on the bottom, swishing it around and looking at the pretty light. As it burns, the sparkle runs down the metal until it reaches the end of it’s fuel, fizzling out, and being discarded.

Keeping all that in mind, I have a question for you — Have you ever thought about doing it a different way?

If your answer is no, I have a very simple way to switch things up that will completely change your sparkler game forever. Next time you light one, try lighting it from the end by the metal part you hold. This way, as the sparkle travels, it moves up and away from your fingers, until fizzling out towards the top.

I know it’ not anything crazy, but I found it pretty interesting when I came across a TikTok that enlightened me about this way of using sparklers. Next time I get my hands on one, I’ll have to try it for myself, but until then, enjoy the video that taught me about this trick in the first place.

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