My family always had dogs growing up, and I definitely plan to be a life-long dog owner myself. While my family is as dog-loving as they come, we never owned more than two at a time. This rule was mostly put in place by my father when I was young, but as I’ve grown, I understand why he put a limit on how many dogs we had. Even two pups can be a handful at times, so I have no idea how Bri Benton, a border collie breeder in West Texas, manages to keep up with her 14 dogs.

Benson runs Southern Star Border Collies as a trainer, competitor, and breeder. While she tends to have a lot of pups around as a breeder, 14 of those dogs that are always there are her own that she keeps. Most of them are border collies that I assume she bred herself for the most part, but there are also a few other breeds in the mix. While having 14 pups sounds overwhelming to me, these dogs are so incredibly well-trained that I can see how it might not be so bad.

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I am huge on training your dogs, and I think a lack of training can not only be detrimental you your way of living but the dog’s as well. Whatever dog breed you have, they were bred like that for a reason, and more often than not, they were bred to complete a certain job. For example, border collies are a herding breed, so they were bred to be super agile with high energy and are incredibly smart so they can learn the commands they need to herd properly. That is the exact reason why you have to train your pup to get their brain working and expend some of that energy.

Dogs love to have a job, so while you might think it’s against a dog’s nature to learn tricks, they actually love it. Most of the time, if you have a dog that is chewing up your furniture, digging up the yard, or eating things they shouldn’t, it’s because they are bored and need some sort of mental stimulation. Just like how you’d go crazy if you had to sit around doing nothing all day every day.

So, I give major props to Benson for all the hard work she’s put into these dogs. They seem incredibly happy and you can tell how much effort she puts into them to make them so well-behaved. Here are a few videos showing just how amazing her 14 dogs really are.

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