(AUTHOR'S NOTE: So apparently, these have been around since 2017, but since I'd never seen one before, they are new to me. So, shut your fact-checking piehole.)

So, when did the LPD get such sweet rides?

Last week, as I left the palatial Townsquare Media broadcast complex and 24-hour convenience store, I observed the familiar (in Lubbock) sight of blue and red lights, indicating that someone's auto insurance rates were about to go up.

As I drove past, you always do whatever you can to check out the scene, without full-on gawking at the perp. However, it was NOT the vehicle being ticketed that caught my eye. Rather, it was the slick whip that was decked out in black and white. Not your typical Crown Victoria or SUV that you usually see, but something that looked, well...cool.

I immediately made a quick U-turn in the middle of 82nd Street, which would have probably gotten me a lovely parting gift from the po-po had they seen it. But I had to check out this ride.

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I cruised by slowly, again as to not attract attention, and hurriedly snapped a couple of photos before the ticketing officer called for backup. I looked back and saw the "GT" badge.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Lance Ballance, Townsquare Media

Just like Vanilla Ice, the Five-0 are rolling...in a 5.0.

Word to your mother.

Admittedly, I don't know how long the LPD has been bumping around in new Ford Mustangs, but I'd venture to guess that their success rate in catching speeders or chasing down suspects in high speed chases has gone up exponentially.

Trust me, I wouldn't recommend an involuntary trip in the back of a squad car for anyone, but if you really had to, this would probably be the ride of choice.

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