What would you do if you were craving McDonald's, got your hands on a mouthwatering burger, took a big bite, and saw that the patty was completely raw?

Well, Marybel, after spitting out her bite, decided to make a TikTok showing what she just discovered. The patty looked cooked, but after pulling it apart, she saw that only the outside was cooked while the inside was still completely raw.

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Warning: NSFW Language

Even just seeing something like this makes me not want to eat there, so I can’t even imagine how she feels after directly experiencing it. Many commenters agree, saying how they only want to cook their own food from now on, and they can’t believe something like that would happen.

Other commenters that claim to work at Mcdonald's are trying to figure out how it might have happened. One commenter said that whoever made it forgot to switch the settings on the grill from the regular patties to the quarter pounder settings. Others are questioning if the patty wasn’t properly thawed before it hit the grill.

On the other hand, some people think the whole video is staged. They are saying Marybel must have put the meat on the burger herself to try and get views. I don’t know who would put the effort into something like that just to try and trick people, and it looks like she was at work based on the computer and desk the food is sitting on. So, I doubt she went out of her way on her lunch break to buy a raw patty and make this video.

Either way, after the video blew up, McDonald's actually reached out to Marybel and offered to send her something to make up for the mistake. She sent them her P.O. box but has yet to hear anything back from them.

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