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This is getting to be a little ridiculous, guys.

Since the pandemic started, hobbyists have been clamoring to find something to spend their time and money on. What else were they gonna do at home? Talk to their significant others? Nah, in this house we collect Pokémon cards.

I'm not even bashing card collectors. If you know me, you're already aware of how much of a loser I am. I play Magic the Gathering. I play card games. I've played card games for years now. I drop a lot of money on cardboard. I own a single card that's worth $200. To some MtG players, hilariously, that's nothing.

I think it's fair to say I understand the hobby. I even played the Pokémon Trading Card Game for a while before I got sick of how non-interactive the games were. Even after I got out of the game, I occasionally collected some cards. I admit it; they're pretty.

And a lot of people think so, too. So much so that they're willing to start fights at a Target over them. Yeah, a fight was started in a Target in Wisconsin over Pokémon Cards.

The demand for these slices of cardboard has been insane lately. At local game stores, like Stormcrow Games in Lubbock, there are limits set for how many packs individual buyers can purchase because they just run out so quickly. It's nuts.

Polygon is reporting that Target has suspended selling Pokémon cards physically in the store because of safety concerns for their employees, and it's happening in Lubbock, too.

I've got sources on the inside. Now, that sounds a lot cooler and secretive than it is. I know people who work there; that's it. There haven't been fights at the Lubbock Targets, but they're not selling the cards, either.

Guys, let's think about this. Some nerds have caused such a ruckus over shiny cardboard that a global corporation is concerned over the safety of their employees. Can we, like, take it down a notch? Or two? Or twenty? This is ridiculous. As a fellow nerd/loser, this embarrasses me.

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