One of the concepts behind our recent Furry 500 was that you can make a difference in a city like Lubbock.


Lubbock and most of the surrounding towns are almost like little islands. They're somewhat finite areas, and there is usually some distance between towns. So you can pick a cause and try to eliminate it in your corner of the world.

It helps when you think of solving a problem within your city, because the thought of working on something worldwide is just too much to try to get a handle on. It certainly seems a little easier to "Keep Lubbock Beautiful" than to try to solve little problems across Texas, the U.S. or worldwide.

When you find your passion, you may also find that Lubbock is a big place to make a difference, but you may find avenues to chip away at things.

My personal goal is to cut down the number of unwanted pets in Lubbock. I'm just tired of seeing animals run down in the street or being passed around on Facebook. Well, that's a huge problem to attack, so we thought we'd take the baby step of making sure more animals were healthy and returnable to their owners.

Find a passion. If, for instance, you want to make sure all kids in Lubbock have good shoes, don't let the enormity of the project keep you from getting started -- just get started.

If each of us can find a passion and working at it, we can continue to make Lubbock a better place.


    Furry 500 Highlights

    Lubbock, Texas

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