There are quite a few celebrity-owned restaurants across the U.S. including Wahlburgers (the Wahlberg brothers), 27 Coffee Club (Machine Gun Kelly), Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett), and more.

There are also some celebrities that decide to purchase franchises of well-known restaurants rather than start their own chain. Some of the celebrities that have done that include Peyton Manning (Papa John’s), Shaquille O’Neal (Auntie Anne’s), and now Post Malone with Raising Cane’s.

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As of April 13th, 2023, the Texas rapper’s custom Raising Cane’s, located in Midvale, Utah, is officially open.

The entire restaurant was custom designed by Post Malone and specifically located in Midvale, close to his Salt Lake City home. The outside of the restaurant is pink and features tattoo-like designs across the building as well as a 1974 Ford F250 as seen in one of Posty’s music videos.

The interior is unique to any other Raising Cane’s with pink from floor to ceiling, a ping pong track system, and personal items from Post Malone displayed inside, including tour outfits.

You will also find that the menu has also been customized to includes the Posty Way Combo. This is a four-piece meal with crinkle cut fries, two Cane’s sauces, two Texas toasts, extra salt and pepper, and a half sweet tea/half lemonade in a collector’s cup.

Although this restaurant is opening in Utah, Post Malone was raised in Grapevine, Texas and will always be welcome in the Lone Star State. Maybe one day he will open up another one of these locations in Texas too.

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