A young mom went viral after sharing her doctor told her to "be quiet" while actively giving birth.

Yasmyn Switzer shared her story via TikTok, explaining she thought her doctor was incredibly rude for telling her to pipe down during childbirth.

The 20-year-old noted that while giving birth to her third child, the doc told her to hush up when she began groaning in pain.

"I was super nice, even in labor I'm not the type of person who's cursing out the doctors or confrontational," she explains in the viral clip. "My water broke, I thought it broke about 10 minutes before, so I was in the active pushing part for about 10 minutes."

Though she was in pain, she didn't think she was being that loud.

"The doctor came in right after my water broke, then as I'm pushing I am not like screaming or really being that loud but kind of moaning along with when I'm pushing my daughter out and I'm listening to my body," she continues, noting that's when her doctor told her to pipe down.

"In the middle of my contractions as I'm pushing her out and making noise the doctor goes, 'I'm going to need you to be quiet so I can hear.' It was so rude! I've been with this doctor a lot through my pregnancies and she's always not had the best bedside manners."

Yasmyn says she "blacked out" after that, but in the end was "pretty mad about the whole experience."

Hear her story below:

Users peppered Yasmyn's comments section, informing her she should report the doctor for her offensive behavior.

"Make a complaint… they are supposed to tell you what they are doing before ever touching you and they are supposed to ask permission..." one person wrote.

"Suggestion from a hosp worker- please send your story/ provide your feedback to the hospital’s patient relations team! Your concerns are so valid," another commented.

Meanwhile, another user wrote they had the complete opposite experience during childbirth: "My doctor and nurses kept yelling they were like 'LOUDER, get angry - it’ll help you push.' They were awesome. I’m sorry you went through this."

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