One woman's anniversary dinner became very expensive after she mistakenly ordered a $300 steak dinner. She even thought her boyfriend was going to break up with her!

In a viral video posted on TikTok, Daniela, who shares content under the username @ikingdani, shared her ordering flub was an innocent mistake — and one that left her in tears.

In the clip, Daniela explains she and her boyfriend went to dinner to celebrate their second anniversary. Taking a recommendation from their server, Daniela recalls ordering an 8-ounce wagyu steak, not realizing its high price: $312.

For comparison, her boyfriend's plate cost $48.

In the video, Daniela's boyfriend teases her playfully, fumbling to swipe his credit card to pay the pricey $400-plus bill.

"I walked out the restaurant crying," Daniela wrote, adding, "He [held] my hand while I was tearing up and told me we were going to laugh about it in a couple of months."

Unfortunately, Daniela's costly mistake wasn't even justified in terms of flavor or portion size, leaving her disappointed.

"It was the 8 slices of wagyu and some tiny leaves on the side with salt. Trust me. It wasn't even good," she wrote in a comment under the video.

Hilariously, Daniela isn't the only person who has accidentally ordered the wrong (read: way too expensive) item off the menu. Several TikTok users commented on Daniela's clip video with their own tales of expensive mistakes.

"That happened to me too! I thought it was $50. Turned out it was $50 PER OUNCE!" one person wrote.

"My buddy did this with bottle service at the club. He thought it would be like $100, he was like bottle only $60 at the store. $1200 for a patron," another commented.

"I did this on my first anniversary. It was so good my husband lets me get it every year," another shared.

However, several users were baffled that her selection wasn't confirmed by the server ahead of putting the order in.

"Waiter definitely should have read the order back and confirmed that's what they wanted tbh. If something like that is offered," one person commented.

"I've been a server, and I would have verified in a nonchalant way. 'I just want to confirm you want the 8oz wagyu that's listed on page XYZ,'" someone claiming to be a former server shared.

"You should've offered to pay half. That's a big bill," another TikTok user suggested.

Responding to a comment, Daniela added that her partner handled the situation like a pro, offering doses of humor to ease her guilt — and she even later gifted him a PS5.

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