It's Prom season again. I don't know about you but my parents went overboard on Prom night making sure that my girl Ashley and I  would have a night to remember.  All of our friends, a ridiculous dinner, the prom itself and then clubbing till dawn. It will be a night I never forget. Those are the memories that we cherish from childhood unless you were too ugly to get a date. I guess for the ugly people Prom sucks!

I didn't have worry about a date for prom. That is one of the benefits of dating the same girl from sixth grade all the way through High School. But for some I can imagine that getting a date for prom is a big undertaking. "What if he/she say's no"? "What if I don't find anyone... even a chubby, ugly person"? I'm sure that the pressure is killer. Here is one Pimp that has the game on lock-down! Check out the best Prom Invite ever:

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