Wild foxes are really common in the outskirts of Lubbock. I've spotted several in my parents' neighborhood, and was even a few inches from one when I woke it up opening a dumpster lid. It jumped right next to me and I felt magical.

Wild foxes appear to be moving into more populated areas of Lubbock, including Quaker Heights, the neighborhood that includes our radio station studios.

While foxes may seem magical, it's not a fantastic idea to attempt to engage with them. They are wild, after all.

We asked Lubbock Animal Services Assistant Director Kia Riemath about the fear that foxes may go after pets as food. Riemath told us that she's never received a call about a fox attacking a pet. So you can be extra safe and keep your small cats and very small dogs in at night, but urban foxes much prefer insects, earthworms, fruit and birds -- like pesky pigeons.

A cat or dog is generally going to be more trouble than its worth for a fox -- especially when there's tons of free garbage to eat, too.

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