Sometimes, we do really stupid stuff. Especially when we are kids. And especially when we're kids with millions of dollars, boatloads of fame and multiple Grammy Awards.  Looking at you, Billie Eilish.

Eilish was sitting at home one evening, obviously bored out of her mind, and while her co-writer/older brother Finneas played piano in the background, she decided to either antagonize her dog, or play "slaparoonie" with her boobs before posting it to her Instagram story. She chose to do both.

As documented by Twitter user @melanchole, Eilish though it would be funny to smack herself in the boob and watch the dog's reaction. As you can see, it obviously got the dog's attention, which got an even bigger reaction from the pop star.

The bigger question is...'why would someone smack themselves in the boob and put it on Instagram'?

Ummm, because she can?

If Eilish was going for social media attention, she's got it. It just seems really silly and childish to boob slap yourself just to see what the dog would do. I feel worse for the dog, because he's obviously wearing the "cone of shame" in the videos. The poor dog seems as if he has genuine concern for Billie, so he reacts when he hears the slap. Is that a sound he's heard before? I sure hope not. He must be thinking to himself: 'Maybe I'm not the only one who needs to wear a cone or something.'

So yeah, this is the stuff you do when you are bored on social media and have too much money and fame. 'Don't Try This At's Stupid Human Tricks.'

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