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I've spent almost all my life in Lubbock and lived at a few different addresses, but it sure seems like there are a lot of stray cats in one specific area.

Before I go any further, I want to clarify that I don't have any problems with stray cats. I love the little dudes. I've often found myself just sitting on the curb with them somewhat nearby, enjoying the quiet and calm presence of another. I try not to be too threatening to them since they're pretty skittish, but I guess I'm too boring and unthreatening to be considered a real threat. I've even sat in my parking lot late into the night with three stray kittens crawling all over my lap. That was a good night.

I've seen many a family of stray cats in the area near 82nd and Quaker in Lubbock. Now, I'm not gonna dox myself and tell you exactly where I live or even what neighborhood specifically, but it's somewhere around there.

I understand the problems that an out of control feral cat population can bring: diseases, aggression towards other animals and a threat to wipe out species of wild animals if left unchecked. I have a counter-argument, however.

They're dang cute.

A lot of people don't like cats (my dad being one of them) and I never understood it. I don't have a strong dislike for any animal, really. Except chihuahuas. They're so loud and spazzy. Regardless, I generally just like animals and I like seeing the little buddies on my daily drives or walks. I'd take them all home with me if I could.

Now why are a lot of stray cats in this area specifically? Beats me, honestly. Maybe it's all the trash we throw out that they're choosing to stick around to eat, but this part of town doesn't have, like, more trash than other neighborhoods.

Who knows? I'm just happy I live here with all these small friends.

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