Simple enough. With the drought and extreme wildfire conditions going on in our state I figured it would be nice to show you where they have banned fireworks from being set off. In pretty  much all of these counties they have also cancelled any city fireworks displays too so you might as well avoid them all-together if you're looking for a show. That doesn't mean the whole state is under a burn ban. But about %95 of it is. Here's the map.


So if you look at the map it shows that down south near Mexico there's no burn ban. But since its freakin' 110 degrees here, why would you want to go closer to the sun? If you look at the northeast corner you might be able to head north of Wichita Falls and blow some stuff up there. Or head to Oklahoma.


Those are the current OK burn bans. Notice the Governor hasn't declared any of them so it might be a little more lax up north. Or even better head west to New Mexico. The Governor of that state issued a statement that reads:

"The governor says state law doesn't allow her to ban fireworks by executive order, but she's urging all New Mexicans to refrain from buying, selling and using fireworks this Fourth of July and throughout the summer season."

So basically they can't ban them. I'll make a run for the border for that one. Stands are open and the sky is the limit in New Mexico. Now go have some fun and try to come back with most of your appendages in their original locations. Oh and DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

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