When it comes to your money spent on feeding your family the battle is on. Costco has officially joined the fight here in Lubbock for a piece of your paycheck. But we already have Sam's Club, five or six Super Walmart's, Super Target and K-Mart. AHHHHHH! Enough! Just tell me who has the best deal for me please!

Honestly guys it is up to you where you spend your money. Between Costco and Sam's the difference between the two prices is so low that it really does not matter. Which store is closer to your home? That may be the deciding factor for a lot of you.

ABC Action News hit both of the mega-ginormous superstores and compared prices on 21 grocery items a typical family might buy including milk, eggs, laundry detergent, baby items and snacks.
This is what they found:


That's right the big difference was...(drumroll)..... four whole dollars. The only big contrast I could find was Costco’s basic membership will set you back $55 and Sam’s is $40. Good Luck out there and we will see on the battlegrounds this weekend!

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