With the arrival of the iconic Buddy Holly Hall, the opportunity for a variety of amazing shows to perform for the people of Lubbock has been an absolute blessing. From musicians to Broadway or even stand-up comedy, there is always something going on at the Buddy Holly Hall.

This year is no exception with a variety of great shows coming to Lubbock including the long-awaited Disney’s The Lion King.

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The show will be at the Buddy Holly Hall from October 5th through Sunday the 15th, and tickets will be on sale in just one week. Starting on Friday, June 23, tickets will be available at BuddyHollyHall.com, BroadwayatBuddyHollyHall.com, or you can call their Buddy Holly Hall Box Office at (806) 792-8339.

This is the first time The Lion King will be performing in Lubbock, and it is an exciting moment. Since it’s premiere in 1997, this show has traveled to over 90 cities in North America with more than 9,000 performances. The show has been on tour along with several long-term locations including Broadway, London’s West End, Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, and more.

This was actually my first Broadway musical that I saw when it was on tour and came through Phoenix, Arizona several years ago. The music, acting, puppetry, costumes, dancing, and every other aspect of this show is stunning. Not only is the original movie one of my favorites, but this musical theatre adaptation has become one of my all-time favorite shows.

For more information about Disney’s The Lion King coming to Lubbock, visit BuddyHollyHall.com.

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