Depending on where you live, what culture you are a part of, or the stuff you are interested in, there are certain things you understand that those outside of that group won’t understand. One of those things is ‘ducking’.

Upon hearing or reading that word there are a variety of things you might think of. Obviously, it has to do with ducks, but in what way?

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Well, most everyone out there that owns a Jeep understands exactly what ducking is.

Just like Two people driving a Wrangler will wave at one another on the road, there is a tradition of ducking a Jeep that you see and like while out and about. All you have to do is have a rubber duck, and place it on the Jeep you are admiring. The person that received it then knows that someone noticed and appreciated their vehicle and can either keep it as a trinket, or pass it on to another Jeep they like.

Some people leave notes along with the duck to further show their appreciation, or they just leave it by itself, no explanation needed.

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

Just like the classic ‘Jeep wave’, many people believe ducking is something that should only take place between Wrangler owners. However, I think that trend should be broken. No matter what Jeep someone drives, whether it’s a Compass, Patriot, Cherokee, or any other model, why can’t all Jeeps be appreciated?

It is a fun tradition meant to spread joy and comradery between fellow Jeep owners, so why not share the love and include more people in it?

I haven’t personally seen this trend take place in Lubbock, but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. If you are a Jeep owner in Lubbock that didn’t know about ducking until now, this is your sign to stock up and start ducking the Jeeps you see around town!

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