The recent loud rumblings in Lubbock, coming from the skies, has got me thinking about UFOs. I love the tales of the Lubbock Lights, and we are only a day trip from the UFO aficionado Mecca of Roswell, New Mexico.

So what are the odds we will see a UFO is our lifetime? Apparently 1 in 339,500 for Texans, according to (I figure they'd have the odds down to a science). That's in the bottom ten out of every state.

So why the low numbers? Perhaps Texans are a little more no-nonsense than number one state Wyoming- or maybe they are just more bored. Maybe it has something to do with where we are located on the globe or the condition of our skies. Regardless, I want to believe!

You can check out every state's odds and find out more fun UFO stats at

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