I'm pretty sure Time magazine was going for the wow factor and sensationalism with this cover because, yes, this woman is breastfeeding her THREE YEAR OLD SON. Check out this story. So to get the cover, you need to know about Dr. William Sears and attachment parenting. Dr. William Sears is an author of dozens of books on parenting children and their health. Attachment parenting, a phrase coined by Dr Sears himself, in a very basic nutshell, describes a very strong relationship between a child and its' caregivers. Oppositely, it's also been called the "modern day mom prison". The reason for this is because parents basically tend to the child's need at every waking moment. Meaning, they are with mommy 24/7. This has caused such a heated debate between the moms who stay at home and the moms who work to provide for the family equally with their spouse. Why? Because stay at home moms ( the attachment parenting mom) are asking if career moms are "mom enough". Hence, the cover of time magazine. It discusses the extremes that some attachment parenting moms go to for their child's benefit. Not too hot of a topic, but it was made that way with this cover. So you be the judge. Was it really necessary for Time to photograph a mom and her 3 year old son breastfeeding for this story? If you ask me, it's only been done for that sensationalism factor to sell issues.

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