As we get closer to December there is a noticeable drop in temperatures but for many residents who live in rural areas that just means they have to get ready for some uninvited guests. As someone who lives outside the city limits and is surrounded by cotton and corn crops there is always one thing about harvest time that seems to always happen. It is not the constant sneezing from all the dust produced by the tractors but it is all the rodents that are looking for a warm place to call home during the Winter months.

That does mean that certain things have to be done when getting your homestead winter ready when living in rural areas to avoid those furry unwanted guests. Feed for animals, such as scratch grain for chickens, has to be stored in air tight containers to prevent rodents easily getting in. Thick plastic containers can be used as storage for animal food but metal containers are the safest choice as rodents do like to chew on everything since their teeth are constantly growing.

Along with safely storing food safely it is also important to constantly roll or move bales of hay or compost bins to prevent any rodents from setting up shop near your home in warm places. If rodents do invade your home it is wise to store any blankets, clothes, and paper in containers that rodents will not get to as they can use all these items for their nests. I do come from a family that loves pecans so much that my parents will pick up pecans any chance they get, rodents will steal nuts and take that as invitation to stay and make a feast out of those pecans.

Rodents also make babies faster than someone can blink and two little field mice can turn into a whole family reunion in just a little bit of time. There are currently many different ways to get rid of rodents is obviously getting a cat, peppermint, and traps or just hiring an exterminator before that big holiday get together. So while you are outside enjoying the fall weather remember that it will be cold and many pests will be looking to make your warm cozy home their winter get away.

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