Judging by Wale’s profanity-laced phone call to Complex magazine recently, you would think he doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. Well, he does. The MMG artist appeared in a 'SNL' skit with cast member Jay Pharoah mocking clothing retailer H&M.

In a hilarious music video, Jay is a throwback rapper -- peep his box haircut, 8-Ball jacket and Lee jeans -- who pokes fun at H&M’s colorful clothes at cheap prices. From their skinny jeans to their furry scarfs to their polka-dot dress shirts, MC Pharoah recites some hilarious lines about the retailer.

"You are a H&M shoppin' a--, shoppin' a-- ninja," he raps on the chorus.

'SNL' host John Goodman joins in on the fun as he shops for six shirts and four pairs of pants with a $60 budget. In one comical scene, the portly actor tries to put on a pair of skinny jeans.

Wale appears midway in the skit dropping some fashion advice for the fellas who cop clothes at H&M on the regular.

"Okay, I’ll give ya a mirror and some info / You’ll never get in girls’ pants wearing girls’ denim," he raps dressed in H&M’s winter collection.

This funny skit will most likely boost H&M's sales this holiday season.

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