In Honor Of The ESPYs let's take a look at Texas Tech's sports season in what we are calling the "TECHSPYs".

Your vote will decide Tech's Best Coach, Best Player and the Best Play from the 2015-16 season.

Steve Dale of Jack Dale's Sportsline set the Nominees this morning on the program so let's get into it!

Best Coach

Biggest Snub - Tubby Smith

My Pick - Tim Tadlock

Steve's Pick - Tim Tadlock

Best Player

Biggest Snub - Jakeem Grant

My Pick - Pat Mahomes

Steve's Pick - Janine Beckie

Best Play

Biggest Snub - Keenan Evans long 3-pointer against Iowa State or Eric Gutierrez HR in Omaha or Jakeem Grant's 90 yard TD or Jakeem Grant's hideout play vs Texas or Jakeem Gra... you get it.

My Pick - Eric Gutierrez RBI Single

Steve's Pick - Eric Gutierrez RBI Single