A Lubbock man believes he was being stalked by an undercover Walmart employee, and he was not happy about it.

Justin Williams shared a video of his experience at the store located on 114th and Quaker, where a plain-clothes man wearing a mask is seen following him around in the toy aisle.

"You aren't really doing good undercover work. I could show you a few pointers," Williams can be heard saying to the man whom he believed to be working undercover, likely for some kind of loss prevention.

If he wasn't working undercover, then what exactly was he doing?

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The man in question refused to disclose his name, but reportedly followed Williams around the store, bothering him for some time before he decided to pull out his camera and record his experience.

The funniest part about this entire situation is that Williams is actually a security officer and familiar with keeping his eyes open for odd things at his own job. To be followed around by anyone you don't know in a store would be alarming, but to believe it may be an undercover employee? That's got to sting, especially when you know you aren't committing any crimes.

Williams told 94.5 FMX:

"It's what he was doing was the real creepy part, standing looking blatantly at little kids toys, not boys toys like Legos but like the baby doll toys. He was trying to squat down and crawl behind some boxes that were in the main aisles, also trying to peep at the end of the aisle but ended up getting caught all by me. If you listen in the video at the beginning I actually tell him he's not really good cause I actually use to do loss prevention but we relied on cameras which they obviously don't because if they did they wouldn't need people like him. It just goes to show big, white men can be stalked and harassed too. I would hope and pray he hasn't done it to any women or kids."

Secret shoppers are certainly all over the place, but maybe secret employees are out there, too? If you have had an experience with an undercover employee at Walmart hassling you, 94.5 FMX would love to know about it. Please comment below or on our Facebook page if you have any insight into this odd situation.

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