Of all the Spice Girls to walk down memory lane, we wouldn't have thought that Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) would be one to take a stroll. Though she has previously reunited with the rest of the group, the fashion designer and mother of four has maintained a notoriously, shall we say, "uptight" profile. However, that all changed when she posted the greatest Spice Girls nostalgia memorabilia known to man on Twitter today, March 12.

Beckham took to Twitter to share a little something that has been living in the back of her mum's freezer for the better part of a decade: Spice Girls pizza! (Didn't know it existed? Neither did we!) But apparently it did, and boy, does it freeze well. Check out Beckham's hilarious tweets (and pics) below:

We kind of want to try it!

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