The new year is here, and it's time to put 2021 in the past and look forward to a bright future. You can do just that while eating heathy at Velvet Taco.

Did you know that Velvet Taco can cater to almost any dietary needs? This is great because anyone who tags along can not only find something they can eat, but that food is also guaranteed to taste great.

If you're gluten-free or want to start right now, Velvet Taco is a great place to go. They have a separate menu just for you and it's honestly really good. Just look for the black & white "GF" icon on the menu, or ask one of their friendly team members to see a gluten-free menu.

Velvet Taco has seven different tacos on their gluten-free* menu, plus four different sides to go along with it. My favorite on there for tacos is the rotisserie chicken and Mexi-Cali shrimp. It also goes great with chips and queso or their amazing elote and chips. You really can't go wrong. Just make sure you let the server know you want the gluten-free version because there are safety precautions the team takes to ensure your food is as gluten-friendly as possible.

For all you vegetarians out, Velvet Taco also has you covered. I love meat, but I tried their Nashville Hot Tofu and was truly blown away. I mean, just look at the picture of it below. The outside was so crispy and delicious. I would definitely order it again. I never knew you could make tofu taste so good!

Kelsee pitman, Townsquare Media
Photo by: Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media

What I also love is that if you want to eat a little better you can change the tortilla out for corn or even a lettuce wrap to make it even healthier. Who would have thought you could go somewhere, stay on your diet and still enjoy something delicious? Velvet Taco makes it possible.

No matter if you head to their location in Lubbock at 2401 Glenna Goodacre Blvd. or order online, Velvet Taco makes it easy to enjoy their vegetarian and gluten-free options.

*Please keep in mind that Velvet Taco is not a gluten-free environment. When guests order from the gluten-free menu, their team is trained to clean their station and change their gloves, but there is always a risk of cross-contamination.