As I told you the other day Usher has problems. he has one of the craziest stalkers that I have ever seen and she just will not leave the star alone. Usher made the call himself to 911 warning authorities about a delusional/insane female fan who was trespassing at his Georgia home on June 24.
Usher can be heard whispering to the operator, probably so the woman outside his home couldn't hear him. Usher tells the operator, "I don't know this woman, she rang my doorbell." You can even hear Usher's doorbell ring while he's on the phone. Usher then adds, "She's obviously a fan of some sort."
Cops responded to the scene and sure enough it was the woman I told you about a few days ago, 26-year-old Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw, who told officials that she was married to the pop star.

Cops didn't buy the story because Usher of course is not married anymore, and placed Darshelle under arrest.

During the call, Usher also says it wasn't the first time Darshelle had been to his home. Just the day before, she was escorted off the property after being spotted by Usher's personal security team.

Click HERE to hear the actual 911 tape.

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