Usher spreads positive vibes and details the magic of falling in love on his new song "Miracles."

The song, released in partnership with Pepsi, finds Ursh stating that love is "better than walking on water or breathing in space." The song is included in the short film, Black Knight Decoded.

The Jabbar Raisani-directed effort "follows the journey of a father (David Oyelowo) and daughter (Layla Crawford) on their quest to decode the radio signals transmitted from the Black Knight satellite." But with the assistance of a friend, Ahna (Freida Pinto), they try to bring the world together but they must depend on people across the globe to decode it before the "government shuts them down." Usher's song appears about halfway through the film.

When "Miracles" starts, images from space show huge pieces being put together around the world to make pictures such as a heart or peace signs. Several countries participate in the "Pepsi Challenge" such as Poland, Russia, India and the U.S., recording their efforts. Pepsi cited thousands of participants were included in the effort as well.

After the song, a narrator says some inspiring words. "And on this day we came together with one voice, one purpose as one world. And a new world opened up bringing us as close to space as we were to each other," he said as as David Oyelowo and Layla Crawford's characters look up in awe. "This is only the beginning," reads a caption on the video afterwards.

Catch Usher's "Miracles" at the 5:09-mark above and spread the love.

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